EMA was founded in 1979 as a multi-disciplinary architecture and planning practice to design owner occupied buildings with specialized program requirements. The firm’s architectural projects have included 20 wineries and related hospitality facilities, large commercial and industrial structures, new and remodeled residences, affordable housing, commercial tenant improvements, and a private museum.

Over the past 10 to 12 years the firm has emphasized sustainable architectural designs and sites, which has included the first LEED certified (Gold Level) winery in the U.S. and the largest roof mounted solar array in the Pacific Northwest.

We approach our commercial projects as an expression of the client’s brand. Our residential projects result from our understanding of the owner’s program and tastes. This has led to a wide variety of aesthetic solutions rather than a consistent expression of a firm’s style.

Our firm continues to help non-profit organizations develop affordable and special needs housing and advises public and private clients on community planning projects.


“When we build, let it be in a way that our future generations will thank us.”

William Gracie