(In process) Living Futures Accreditation


Lewis and Clark College, Bachelors of Arts in History, 2012

Portland State University, Masters of Architecture, 2019


Backcountry Skiing, Backpacking, Biking, and Woodworking


Amy Peterson brings prior experience in the renovating Oregon’s aging public schools and design-build volunteer projects with community engagement during her master’s program at Portland State. She helped develop temporary housing for houseless veterans from reused materials, as well as working in Ecuador to design and erect a cultural center in a post-earthquake redevelopment.

She continues her focus on how architecture can accommodate various users to address local needs, promote social equality within a building’s context, and extend economic and environmental impact at EMA. Through a thoughtful but pragmatic approach, she prioritizes, in equal degrees, creative design skill, environmental response, public interest, and an earnest curiosity about building technology.

In her free moments outside of designing for EMA, she can be found chasing snow drifts in the winter and scouring rivers and lakes for cold water plunges and sunny spots with her partner and german shepherd. She occasionally moonlights as a furniture maker for herself and friends.


Associate, Project Manager


LEED Accredited Professional


University of Oregon, Masters of Architecture and Ecological Design Certificate, 2012

Ball State University, Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design, 2007


Remodeling her 1915 home with her husband, Backpacking, Biking, Gardening, Crafting


Jenn is a LEED Accredited Professional working on licensure as a registered architect. She received an Ecological Design Certificate and Masters of Architecture from the University of Oregon in 2012 and has worked for EMA since then. Her interests in community-focused affordable housing and food security stem from research and studies of favelas in Brazil alongside her love for gardening and living self-sufficiently.

Jenn seeks to design and work collaboratively in a way that empowers people to (re)use local resources and to share knowledge to solve socio-economic problems while making beautiful, inspiring, and engaging spaces for all. Her work on multiple types and scales of projects includes Powell’s Books, Amity Reuse, various wineries, ADUs, and house remodels. Her current focus is a remodel of her own century-old house to increase its structural integrity, energy efficiency, and capability for more dwellers as a basement ADU. As a volunteer for the Build Local Alliance and Solar Oregon, she helps to create educational, fun events focused on local wood and solar energy.

Drastic landscapes and the sustainably-minded culture of Portland brought this Midwest transplant to Oregon in 2008 from the flat corn fields of central Indiana. The Pacific Northwest outdoors beckons after working on remodels at work and home. She enjoys backpacking, commuting and camping by bike, fermenting and wild-harvesting all things, and crafting furniture or artsy projects with repurposed materials.